Sameth Mell

Designer, Consultant, and Activist in Seattle, WA

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Since 2019, things have been very difficult for all of us across the world. Particularly hard hit are those who lack resources and access to opportunities to improve and thrive. These past few years has moved us into a new decade defined by resiliency, ingenuity and togetherness.

As always, I have been determined to use my experiences, connections and voice to build a bridge towards putting our communities and humanity forward. Our values and principles still stand clear and firm between a world held hostage by old structures and institutions. I believe that we can move into the future, only if we embrace change, creativity and optimism.

I’ve focused on process, action and results- in ways that under my leadership, has enhanced shared & mutual collective investments and understanding from the local to the global.

We deserve everything we fight for, and even more.

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  • Education
    • Academy of Travel and Tourism
    • Seattle Central Community College
    • University of Washington, Seattle Campus
    • Harvard ManageMentor
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