Sameth Mell

Designer, Consultant, and Activist in Seattle, WA

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I am a designer, consultant, and activist currently living in Seattle, WA. My interests range from entrepreneurship, politics, advocacy, lobbying, coalition building, photography to travel. My passion is bringing people, ideas and communities together. My work is local, state-wide, national and international. I approach my work through a socio-economic and racial justice lens. I believe that we can do better to fight against injustice, corporate greed, and for environmental & climate justice. I design programs, projects and impactful conversational infrastructure and build leadership for organizations, communities and individuals. My method is straight forward when confronted with a challenge or complex social, political or community issue: define the Problem, find the Cause, build the Solution. I am also interested in urban development, housing, business, and art.

  • Education
    • Academy of Travel and Tourism
    • Seattle Central Community College
    • University of Washington, Seattle Campus
    • Harvard ManageMentor
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